how long does a banana take to ripen on the kitchen counter

Individuals with tropical gardens might consider growing banana trees and edible landscaping. Usually, banana trees grow perfectly in areas that have a warm climate, and the banana fruit grows, develops, and are harvested with a minimal amount of fuss. There are various types of bananas out there, including Japanese fiber bananas and the Darjeeling bananas, among others. These types of bananas tend to thrive very well in the United States within plant hardiness zone 6 to 10, according to the Department of Agriculture. In this article, we shall be answering the question; how long does a banana take to ripen on the kitchen counter?

Ripening of your banana on the kitchen counter

Usually, the ripening process of banana has a specific pattern. Bananas tend to start as green and then turn yellow with their tips having the green color. As time progresses, the entire banana turns yellow and then develop some brown spots and finally turns black. When you purchase a green banana from a store, it will take around three to four days for it to ripen on your kitchen counter. The best part is that bananas tend to become sweeter as they ages, and the best banana to eat is the one with brown freckles on its yellow skin. Whenever a banana starts turning yellow, you will have to wait for approximately one to two days for it to ripen fully. You should note that whenever a banana turns black, it is considered unsafe for consumption. You can get more info from Cannibal Kitchen.

The right environment for ripening bananas

Some vital aspects influence time is taken for a banana to ripe. Some of these essential aspects include;

  1. Temperature

Green bananas that are taken from commercial trees are often stored at 57 degrees Fahrenheit to slow their ripening process. Usually, the bananas are stored in a controlled temperature until they are ready to be shipped. However, 70 degrees Fahrenheit is considered an ideal temperature for ripening a banana. Within this temperature, it will take a banana three to five days for it ripe.

  1. Humidity

The best humidity level for ripening a banana is 90% on average, especially when it is combined with high temperatures. In addition to that, bananas tend to benefit more from air circulation. Since some fridge drawers are equipped with humidity regulator, the amount of temperature within the fridge will reduce the ripening process despite the availability of humidity.

Using brown paper bag to ripen your banana

Putting bananas inside a brown paper bag along with an apple or a tomato will aid in speeding up the repining process. Inside the bag, the apple or tomato will release ethylene gas, which helps in speeding up the maturation speed of your banana and decreasing the amount of time by one and a half. When using this process, it is advisable to have small holes in your paper bag and then layout your bananas so that they do not become stacked. Always assess their ripening progress each day.

Final verdict

As we come into conclusion, you should keep in mind that the amount of time taken for a banana to ripe differs significantly, and it will depend on various essential aspects.

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